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Laying, is of course, the total opposite of Betting.
If you place several Bets in a race, your total bet stake (your liabilities) will increase as each Bet is added.
Your potential profit will decrease due to Bet stakes being lost on losing runners.
If you don't hit the winner, you could end up "Skint".

If you are the bookie however, the opposite applies.
As you lay more selections, your liabilities reduce due to successful Lays on losers, so each additional Lay reduces your payout.
If you don't Lay the winner, you could end up the opposite of "Skint" - you will clean up, with every Lay being a winner for you.
To sum up, as you Lay more runners your liabilities become less,  and the more you stand to make on a "Skinner" - - -  any horse you haven't Layed.

We may all be familiar with several different ways of betting with a bookie.
The aim of this web site is to show how laying can be just as entertaining as betting.
We as Betfair traders don't have the luxury of bookie's over-round which allows a bookie to lay for guaranteed profit if he is able to balance his book.
However, with a bit of imaginative staking, we can copy what a bookie might do.
Laying several runners (Dutching), we might :-

  • Lay several runners to equalize our lay trade for an equal profit or loss whatever the result.

  • Bias our staking to favour some runners over all the others.

  • Target one or more runners to lose whilst we profit on all other lays.

  • Target one or more runners to lose whilst we break even on all other lays.

  • Dutch several lays and then bet one or more of those lays to Hedge part of our trade.
    If we are able to bet high odds and lay low odds, we will have guaranteed winnings from a Hedge.

These are all well known laying methods.
The spreadsheets available here show the staking for a range of laying strategies.

Free spreadsheet.

Keep a record and analyse which Betfair strategy or other trading strategy works best for you

Download a free Excel spreadsheet for keeping track of your profits each month.
Note.  If the file opens in "Read Only" mode, choose "Save As" from your file menu.
Rename the file and save it to a folder on your computer.
You should then be able to open the file and use it without any problems.
The video below explains the spreadsheet.

Mopping up the profits


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