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All videos demonstrate spreadsheets or what can happen in Betfair.

Copyright notice.  In the videos below, any Betfair content shown is for demonstration purposes only, and is presented with the kind permission of The Sporting Exchange Limited.  The Sporting Exchange Limited.

How to Lay or Bet below the 2 minimum in Betfair
Place market lays  may not be as expensive as you think  
Trading in the red  When things go wrong
Bet first, or lay first in Betfair.  Which is best ?
How to save a bit of commission
How to assess Draw Advantages accurately in horse races
The Draw Advantage web site shown in the video lives here
Lay the Draw (horses)  Lay several BIG priced runners but at combined short odds.
Lay the Draw Thirsk  In this race, Betfair odds didn't reflect the draw advantage.
Bookie 0-0 refunds.   Should we be tempted ?
Equivalent markets    Betting or laying the same thing in 2 different Betfair markets.